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Re: Tbird Reply To List (was Re: List Ettiquette)

Ron Johnson wrote:
On 2009-08-29 18:05, JoeHill wrote:
Kevin Ross wrote:
From: JoeHill [mailto:joehill@teksavvy.com] Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2009 3:11 PM
As it is now, every time I reply, I have to manually edit
the addressee
list. Hitting Reply only goes to the original poster.
Reply All goes to the
poster and the list.
That's because you have a broken mail client. It should have separate buttons or key bindings for reply-sender and reply-list.
It's true I'm currently using Outlook from my Windows computer.

So that's why the line-wrap is so fscked. Outlook should just be banned
outright. It's a blight on all things decent and good.

But when I'm at a Linux computer, I use Icedove, with the same results. Same with SquirrelMail webmail client. And RoundCube webmail. (The two that I've had installed on my mail servers). Is there an official mail client of this
mailing list that I should be using, on all computers (and OSes) that I
access email from?

lol, very funny, but no. You just need reply-list, which now that I look
(Google), you need an extension to enable this in Icedove.

These are the two which I need:

"Reply To List" will still be greyed out, though, until within Mnenhy you enable "Extended Normal View". And don't forget that you can customize the toolbar to add the RTL icon.

I previously had trouble with "Reply To List" but I decided to try it again. I do NOT have mnenhy installed. "Reply To List" seems to work, with the following caveat. When I click on "Reply To List" the Compose widow comes up and the poster's e-mail is in the Reply-To field. About a second later this is replaced by the list's e-mail address and an additional blank "To:" line is added. Is there a setting to avoid this additional "To:" line?

Marc Shapiro

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