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Re: Mutt [Was: Iceweasel 3.5]

On 2009-08-14 14:22, S. Fishpaste wrote:
On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 13:18:09 -0500, Ron Johnson in gmane.linux.debian.user wrote:
On 2009-08-14 10:16, S. Fishpaste wrote:
It's been awhile since I have used T-Bird, but it's a great client. I'm not
saying mutt is any better, just that for _me_ since using mutt, I haven't
cared for any other e-mail client. I've tried, but keeping coming back. 8-D
And, of course, Mutt doesn't take 123m RES like my icedove-bin currently does...

That's true forgot about that point.

And, one doesn't need X-Windows to use mutt + vi(m). ;-)

That's why I installed it, since I run Sid, and X might during any upgrade.

Scooty Puff, Sr
The Doom-Bringer

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