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Re: X11 without HAL: "DontZap" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't work anymore

Dirk wrote:
Jeff Soules wrote:
Is that enough of an answer or is there any HAL fanboy left who want's to
battle choice?

I'm not a HAL fanboy.  In fact, I couldn't care less.  From the
descriptions, it sounds like HAL (like every other piece of software
ever written) solves some problems while potentially creating others.
Such is life.

But your argument against HAL is:

Ok, let us assume I wouldn't be able to remove HAL from a installed Debian without breaking X11 permanently and I have a random problem [...snip...] The answers will very likely force(!) me(!) to learn to understand how to
alter the HAL configuration

Or basically:

"What if I have to use HAL, and then what if HAL breaks?  I might have
to learn how to fix it!"

Technology moves forward.  You do have a choice; I mean, if you liked
you could even just run XFree86 on a Potato box, or something.  But
did you start using Debian because you dislike learning new things?
It's unpleasant to have your old tools taken away, but surely you have
more concrete objections than what you've voiced so far?
I'd love to agree with you.  I don't have a dog in this fight; I'm
ready to be convinced.  But I'm afraid that right now you're coming
across as yelling at HAL to get off your lawn, and that's probably not
the strongest case you could make.

HAL is not "technology moving forward".

It is a project dedicated to taking away the right to do what you want.

And the persistance of not understanding this that I face here is just sad. You people don't seem to know what door you leave open here and how it could affect the future and usability of Linux in a negative way.

Isn't one trainwreck of an operating system enough? Do we really need to turn Linux into another trainwreck at all costs to attract more users from trainwreck #1?


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