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Re: Current WM - Lenny

On Tue, 12 May 2009, Jochen Schulz wrote:

Miguel Obliviemo:
On Tue, 12 May 2009, Harry Rickards wrote:

On 12 May 2009, at 08:02, Miguel Obliviemo <miggle@view.net.au> wrote:

What is Lenny's default window manager?

How do I configure gdm to use a different one?

I may be completely wrong here, but I *think* it's xfce4. To change

I wanted to know that so I could kill it in an xterm and run another,
but that wouldn't be a permanent setup, the normal way of starting a

Do you want to run another window manager *inside Gnome*? Then you need
to kill metacity and directly afterwards start your preferred window
manager: pkill metacity && openbox.

Well, I admit I don't know what "inside Gnome" means.  I thought if I
killed the window manager within an x-term I'd have bare X11, and
would be in an xterm so I could enter the commands to start other
window managers.


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