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Re: Current WM - Lenny

Miguel Obliviemo:
> On Tue, 12 May 2009, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Do you want to run another window manager *inside Gnome*? Then you need
>> to kill metacity and directly afterwards start your preferred window
>> manager: pkill metacity && openbox.
> Well, I admit I don't know what "inside Gnome" means.

Do you have icons on your desktop? Does a menu appear when you right
click on the desktop? Do you have a menu bar at the top which includes a
clock? -Then you probably run Gnome. (There are other possibilities, but
then you would probably know about it.)

What doesn 'pgrep -l metacity' say?

> I thought if I killed the window manager within an x-term I'd have
> bare X11, and would be in an xterm so I could enter the commands to
> start other window managers.

That might work, depending on how you actually start your X session. But
killing the WM might end the X session, too.

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