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Re: To synchronize system time witn NTP-server with no winter time shift whole year - how to?

On 2009-03-29_16:01:29, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 2009-03-29 14:05, Paul E Condon wrote:
>> On 2009-03-29_13:06:18, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> On 2009-03-29 11:49, Paul E Condon wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>>> A few weeks ago, my Lenny system switched over from displaying time in MST
>>>> (Mountain Standard Time) to MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). It did this, I
>>>> believe, because the switch-over is mandated in the official locale coding
>>>> for this region (Colorado). I would like to now how to take a pass on this
>>>> switch-over part of the local locale. And how to do it ahead of time, so
>>>> that for me, I don't have to find an unwanted task of undoing a unwanted
>>>> change waiting on a Sunday morning. My version of what I think OP 
>>>> was  asking for is a variant of locale that does not honor local 
>>>> mandates for
>>>> switching to and from summer-time. It is very much a cultural thing. 
>>> That's the point: it's cultural.  And it's not an important moral 
>>> issue like Jim Crow.  So why go against every other clock in CO, UT, 
>>> WY, NM & MT are now in MDT.
>> In public, I pretend to be a bleeding heart liberal/progressive, but I
>> am a closet libertarian. Its my computer, in the privacy of my home. I
>> like to have the time of sunrise as displayed on the clock harmonized
>> with what I know of the motion of the planet.
> So, do you reset your clock every day to make it so that your clock's noon 
> is the same as solar noon?
> If not, then you are just deluding yourself.

Way upstream in this thread I gave what I thought to be an informative
and polite reason for my interest in controlling the visiual
presentation time values on my computer screen. Later you mention Jim
Crow laws. I agree with you that Jim Crow laws are really BAD. This
little preference of mine is in no danger of metastasizing into a
serious moral issue. Believe me.

The regular movement of the time of noon over the span of a year is
part of reality that I know, understand, and to some extent, treasure.
I think I am not in denial about who I am, or where I am. Unless, of
course, it turns our on further investigation that we are all just
software objects instantiated by a computer simulation of life being
run on a giant computer on a planet circling Alpha Centauri. But how
could we ever learn that?

Paul E Condon           

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