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Re: To synchronize system time witn NTP-server with no winter time shift whole year - how to?

On 2009-03-29 14:05, Paul E Condon wrote:
On 2009-03-29_13:06:18, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 2009-03-29 11:49, Paul E Condon wrote:
A few weeks ago, my Lenny system switched over from displaying time in MST
(Mountain Standard Time) to MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). It did this, I
believe, because the switch-over is mandated in the official locale coding
for this region (Colorado). I would like to now how to take a pass on this
switch-over part of the local locale. And how to do it ahead of time, so
that for me, I don't have to find an unwanted task of undoing a unwanted
change waiting on a Sunday morning. My version of what I think OP was asking for is a variant of locale that does not honor local mandates for switching to and from summer-time. It is very much a cultural thing.
That's the point: it's cultural. And it's not an important moral issue like Jim Crow. So why go against every other clock in CO, UT, WY, NM & MT are now in MDT.

In public, I pretend to be a bleeding heart liberal/progressive, but I
am a closet libertarian. Its my computer, in the privacy of my home. I
like to have the time of sunrise as displayed on the clock harmonized
with what I know of the motion of the planet.

So, do you reset your clock every day to make it so that your clock's noon is the same as solar noon?

If not, then you are just deluding yourself.

                                              Also, a little anarchy
can be a good thing.

A *little* anarchy.  But not much.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

"Freedom is not a license for anarchy."

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