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Re: openvpn restart - bridge loses tap0 interface

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 04:33:24PM +0100, Bernd Aufrecht wrote:
>> Can i ask why you are bridging a openvpn interface ?  why not route ?
> For security reasons. My wireless access point has only WEP and so i  
> have it connected to my second LAN Port on my home server. I then use  
> openvpn to connect from from my notebook and bridge into the my local 
> lan.
> This setup separates the WiFi network completely from my lan and creates  
> an additional security barrier for intruders.

seems overly complicated, I used to do something similar, but why not
use routing at my place I use for the whole area 10 for
wlan 11 lan 8 for vpn's 9 as adhoc, let the routing take care of the
rest. .1 is the dgw for all the lans

I am just curios why the extra hassle of a bridge

> Bernd
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