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Re: openvpn restart - bridge loses tap0 interface

On Sun, Mar 08, 2009 at 09:18:53AM +0100, Bernd Aufrecht wrote:
>> mine always turn up on the right tap devices
>> dev tap0
>> proto tcp-client
>> I explicitly set the dev name 
> The problem is that openvpn brings up a new tap0 device but
> does not add it to the bridge.

sorry I must of missed somethnig you also have a brcmd bridge ? and tap0
is not being added to this bridge ?

I manage my openvpn's through /etc/networks/interfaces you can add in
pre/post - up and down, maybe there is a choice ?

>>> You should probably figure out a way to tell OpenVPN to run a script 
>>> after it has created the tap interface, and use that script to add 
>>> the interface to your persistent bridge (instead of/in addition to 
>>> whatever configuration OpenVPN is already doing to the device).
> Well, if there is no other way. I was hoping to avoid writing or  
> changing a script.
> It seems there a two solutions.
> 1. add a permanent tap0 device
> 2. let a script readd the tap0 device after a openvpn restart
> Bernd
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