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Re: openvpn restart - bridge loses tap0 interface

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:25:08AM +0100, Bernd Aufrecht wrote:
>> sorry I must of missed somethnig you also have a brcmd bridge ? and tap0
>> is not being added to this bridge ?
> Hi,
> there seems to be no problem if the bridge is running an openvpn starts  
> as second. But if you stop openvpn, which i did to test something last  
> week, it takes down the tap0 device and unfortunate does not re add the  
> tap0 interface again if you restart.
> If you are not running openvpn with a bridged setup the problem never  
> occurs.
> Yesterday I found a good solution.
> The following script and entry in the openvpn server.conf
> up "/etc/openvpn/up.sh br0 tap0"
> /etc/openvpn/up.sh
> ##########
> #!/bin/sh
> BR=$1
> DEV=$2
> /sbin/ifconfig $DEV up
> /usr/sbin/brctl addif $BR $DEV
> ##########

Can i ask why you are bridging a openvpn interface ?  why not route ?

> Somehow i missed that option completely.
> Bernd
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