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Re: openvpn restart - bridge loses tap0 interface

On Wednesday 04 March 2009 07:47:06 Bernd Aufrecht wrote:
> How can I create a permanent tap0 interface?

Tap interfaces are by their very nature transient, so that's not very easy.  
You could use tunctl to create the tap interface, but I'm not sure if 
OpenVPN will use an existing tap interface the way you'd like.

> Is /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/bridge a good place to start
> or am I missing something in the config?

You should probably figure out a way to tell OpenVPN to run a script after 
it has created the tap interface, and use that script to add the interface 
to your persistent bridge (instead of/in addition to whatever configuration 
OpenVPN is already doing to the device).
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