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Re: Staying on topic and quoting

Steven Demetrius wrote the following on 03/11/2009 02:07 AM:
Staying on topic and quoting.

One of the things that causes confusion is going off topic and improper

Staying on topic makes the thread easy to follow and understand. We all
go off topic now and then but we need to curb this as it makes the
mailing list seem chaotic. If you find that you are going off topic may
I suggest staring a new thread.

Improper quoting can also case confusion. A sentence quoted out of
contexts can cause a lot of misunderstanding and as seen before a lot of
arguments. Arguments as opposed to Discussions. If unsure then don't
quote. This way the reader will have to look up the original message
with the full text.

I feel it is better to quote everything if unsure. Why force the next reader to try and find the beginning of the thread if they can't even tell what *year* it started in?

Inline quoting can be very useful but I find it better suited for one on
one mailing and does not work very well for mailing lists.

Inline quotes are just fine for a short comment or reply to one statement or paragraph in the post.

Please keep in mind the purpose of the Debian user mailing list; A place
for *Debian* users to interact and help each other, A place for
discussions not arguments, a place where users look for advise from more
knowledgeable users and assume the information presented is correct.


If you needed to write a lengthy explanation of how to set up LVM using striping and RAID5 across eight volumes, then it would indeed be preferable to use straight bottom posting rather than inline posting.


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