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Re: Advice about ext3, please

--- On Tue, 10/3/09, Lydgate <debian@tenebrific.ath.cx> wrote:

> http://www.ebuyer.com/product/130477
> On ebuyer it's called a Plexus V 500VA.  I've read
> elsewhere that this 
> is marketed under different brands/names.  In the states I
> think it 
> might be branded and sold by Fry's Electronics.

With the risk of going even further off topic... I have one of these too, it's attached to a small via box running windows and will run for 30 minutes or so, all my other machines are on an APC.

How do you find the power button on the front? Mine appears to be v' poor quality, it's fine it I don't touch it - but when I do it gets confused about turning off or switching to battery, then gets stuck in the pressed state soemtimes too. 

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