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Re: Top posting vs Bottom posting

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:31:39AM +0000, Nuno Magalhães <nunomagalhaes@eu.ipp.pt> was heard to say:
> I think most people top post in corporate enviroments 'cos they just
> click and type and don't really care about proper use of email or
> computers in general. It's just the thing to send messages. Ever seen
> IT Crew? As for the chain of comand you could use the quotation
> header's timestamp, but i don't see your corporate average Joe doing
> that. :)

  My experience has also been that attempting to bottom-post in a
corporate environment confuses people because they can't find your
reply.  When people know the conventions, bottom-posting is a lot
clearer, but if it just confuses them, there's not much point.


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