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Re: New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT monitor

El lun, 09-03-2009 a las 16:27 -0500, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. escribió:
> On Monday 09 March 2009 15:45:26 Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> > [/etc/X11/xorg.conf] doesn't seem to contain anything specific that 
> would
> > help; it's almost a skeleton file.
> Add the resolutions you want to this file.  You might also add what 
> information you've been able to determine about your monitor 
> (particularly refresh rates).
> $ man 5 xorg.conf
> should document most of the file, and where you'll want to put your 
> changes.
> The nvidia driver should install some documentation under /usr/share 
> that will tell you about any special settings it can take (inside 
> your xorg.conf's "Driver" section, IIRC).
> I'm starting to agree with some other posters on the list that the 
> new automatic Xorg configuration is more trouble than it is worth and 
> probably should have matured through another release before being 
> part of stable.  It was probably not well tested, as upgrades from 
> Etch don't show the ill effects; the xorg.conf is already complete.

Yes, I think Xorg configuration is a conflicted thing but if it were
possible to have by writing the actual configuration file it could be a
different story.

Is there a command to obtain the xorg.conf, full of information (correct
or wrong) showing the actual Xs state of my computer?

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