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Re: New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT monitor

On Monday 09 March 2009 15:45:26 Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> [/etc/X11/xorg.conf] doesn't seem to contain anything specific that 
> help; it's almost a skeleton file.

Add the resolutions you want to this file.  You might also add what 
information you've been able to determine about your monitor 
(particularly refresh rates).

$ man 5 xorg.conf
should document most of the file, and where you'll want to put your 

The nvidia driver should install some documentation under /usr/share 
that will tell you about any special settings it can take (inside 
your xorg.conf's "Driver" section, IIRC).

I'm starting to agree with some other posters on the list that the 
new automatic Xorg configuration is more trouble than it is worth and 
probably should have matured through another release before being 
part of stable.  It was probably not well tested, as upgrades from 
Etch don't show the ill effects; the xorg.conf is already complete.
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