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New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT monitor

I recently did an Internet installation of Lenny, and found a lot to like, but the screen resolution is limited to 800 x 600 px max. Best guess is that hardware detection doesn't recognize my monitor (although I had much better luck with OpenSUSE).

Monitor is DEC VRC-21WA, 21 inch, that can do 1600 x 1200; I have been running at that res. as well as 1280 x 1024. It is apparently a re-badged Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 21TX; one specific designation for that is THN9105SKTK. H range is 30-93 kHz, and V 50-152 Hz, or close.

Machine is an eMachines T6532, AMD Athlon 64 @ 2.2 GHz, 1GB RAM shared with video. Video is an NVidia chip no the motherboard -- GeForce 6100, almost sure. I just read through the [dmesg] log, and saw no mentionof setting resolution.

Trying to discover the appropriate config. file, it seems that there's an entry called Screen in a file (sorry! Don't recall where!), and that lists only 800 x 600.

[/etc/X11/xorg.conf] doesn't seem to contain anything specific that would help; it's almost a skeleton file.

Synaptic did not list Krandr among the installable applications.
[apt-get install krandr] didn't find it, although I might need to include more repo's. From some reading online, I'm not sure it's compatible. The graphic size/position utility in OpenSUSE didn't work, perhaps because I'd installed NVidia driver[s].

Ctrl-Alt-{+|-} (possible bad syntax, there) seem to cycle through four settings (but, where are its files?), two of them out of the monitor's range. The two that do work are both 800 x 600, one at 60 Hz, the other at 56 Hz, apparently. The simple utility at System -> Prefs. -> Screen Resolution offers only 800 x 600 (and nothing faster than 60 Hz, disappointing, knowing that V rate can be a lot higher).

Needless to say, I'd dearly love to run with a higher resolution!

I've also had a display area that's undersize, at higher resolutions, but will ask for help if/when that happens. It seems to be caused by the NVidia driver[s].

In general, Lenny is a joy! In many ways, I love it.

Best regards, and many thanks for considering this message.

Nicholas Bodley +|=|+ Waltham, Mass.
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