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RE: New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT monitor

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>From: nbodley@speakeasy.net
>To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
>Subject: RE: New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT
>Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 16:45:26 -0400
>>I recently did an Internet installation of Lenny, and found a lot to
>>but the screen resolution is limited to 800 x 600 px max. Best guess
>>that hardware detection doesn't recognize my monitor (although I had
>>better luck with OpenSUSE).
>>Monitor is DEC VRC-21WA, 21 inch, that can do 1600 x 1200; I have
>>running at that res. as well as 1280 x 1024. It is apparently a
>>Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 21TX; one specific designation for that is  
>>THN9105SKTK. H range is 30-93 kHz, and V 50-152 Hz, or close.
>>Machine is an eMachines T6532, AMD Athlon 64 @ 2.2 GHz, 1GB RAM
>>with video. Video is an NVidia chip no the motherboard -- GeForce
>>almost sure. I just read through the [dmesg] log, and saw no
>>setting resolution.
>>Trying to discover the appropriate config. file, it seems that
>there's an  
>>entry called Screen in a file (sorry! Don't recall where!), and that
>>only 800 x 600.
>>[/etc/X11/xorg.conf] doesn't seem to contain anything specific that
>>help; it's almost a skeleton file.
>>Synaptic did not list Krandr among the installable applications.
>>[apt-get install krandr] didn't find it, although I might need to
>>more repo's. From some reading online, I'm not sure it's compatible.
>>graphic size/position utility in OpenSUSE didn't work, perhaps
>because I'd  
>>installed NVidia driver[s].
>>Ctrl-Alt-{+|-} (possible bad syntax, there) seem to cycle through
>>settings (but, where are its files?), two of them out of the
>>range. The two that do work are both 800 x 600, one at 60 Hz, the
>other at  
>>56 Hz, apparently. The simple utility at System -> Prefs. -> Screen 
>>Resolution offers only 800 x 600 (and nothing faster than 60 Hz,  
>>disappointing, knowing that V rate can be a lot higher).
>>Needless to say, I'd dearly love to run with a higher resolution!
>>I've also had a display area that's undersize, at higher
>resolutions, but  
>>will ask for help if/when that happens. It seems to be caused by the
>>NVidia driver[s].
>>In general, Lenny is a joy! In many ways, I love it.
>>Best regards, and many thanks for considering this message.
>>Nicholas Bodley +|=|+ Waltham, Mass.
>>Sent from Debian 'Lenny' using Opera
When Lenny was installed it probably kept your old xorg.conf in the
same directory as the new one with some other extension.  Take a
look.  It may give you a clue or you may just decide to swap the old
for the new.
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