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Re: Why did you chose Debian over CentOS?

On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 02:06:29PM -0500, Joe McDonagh wrote:
> Hey Steve, I love that just by typing up here above e-mails I can make  
> smug users like you go postal. I feel powerful.

Actually, bottom posting is common in e-mail etiquette.

A: Because it's easier to read
Q: Why should I bottom post?

(I know this link refers to Usenet groups, but the same etiquette
applies to mailing lists)

That aside, I don't think top posting is a good representation of
someone as stupid. Just uninformed. 

>>> 1. Preseed vs. kickstart
>>> If you're only running at home or only a few machines at work, you're
>>> not going to run into this. Once you're done a RH install a .ks file is
>>> dropped under /root. You can now use this file to kickstart identical
>>> machines in PXE in a couple of minutes. There is no such automatic
>>> generation in Debian.
>> [...]

I am not sure if Debian has anything like Kickstart, but to be fair I
can't think of one time I would have needed it. Debootstrap/dd works
fine whenever I needed to quickly setup a system. Kickstart would just
be a superfluous app I'd never use.

>>> 2. The disarray of configuration files vs centralized system config dir
>>> In RH you have /etc/sysconfig. Almost every single system configuration
>>> file is under here. In Debian, anything goes.
>>     /etc/default...  But traditionally, yeah, /etc/ is where config files go.
> ooohhh  really? Keen observation Steve! Thanks for that crumb kind sir.  
> Got any other gems?

Actually, I find Debian to be pretty concise in where it stores
configuration files; I've never had trouble finding one. If it's not in
/etc it's in /etc/default -- Debian actually sticks religiously to the
FHS, which makes things fairly easy to locate.

> You can have a sane conversation about this vs that without talking to  
> someone like they are mildly retarded.

That'll be hard to have if you're feeding the fire too.


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