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Re: Why did you chose Debian over CentOS?

Hey Steve, I love that just by typing up here above e-mails I can make smug users like you go postal. I feel powerful.

That being said, I like learning things on lists. I joined the list to learn mostly. I used dpkg-query before thinking that was the query subsystem. I believe I got that out of a 'debian system' book, but then again you can't retain all information. Now I have been schooled and know better. Also, I was under the (right) impression that dpkg-query -S (dpkg -S) is a string search, which is a different operation than rpm -qf, though they can yield the same results.

I will comment in-line because I don't want to risk causing your brain to asplode from the rage associated with people who top-post.

Steve Lamb wrote:
Joe McDonagh wrote:
At the risk of starting a huge religious war:

    About top posting vs. actually formatting your messages intelligently?

Unless the debian-list rules state top posting is 'illegal' then I will continue to top post. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to insult me, do it with a little more spice than calling me stupid in a roundabout way.
1. Preseed vs. kickstart

If you're only running at home or only a few machines at work, you're
not going to run into this. Once you're done a RH install a .ks file is
dropped under /root. You can now use this file to kickstart identical
machines in PXE in a couple of minutes. There is no such automatic
generation in Debian.

    I take it you've never heard of dpkg --set-selections and dpkg
Actually, I use debconf-get-selections to get files that I name $package.preseed and they sit in puppet. Puppet uses them to preseed packages for me. Like magic.

dpkg --get-selections actually I had never heard of til now. I ran it and it told me NOTHING. What packages are installed woo. I looked at the man page and that's apparently its function. If you think that's all kickstart does then obviously, I am not the ignorant one.

Tell me, where in a preseed do you set up LVM over RAID through d-i? Or how about you recall for me how recent the addition of automatic raid is to partman-auto? RH had been doing this for years, to top it off they drop a kickstart file for you under /root. I'm still actually kind of appalled that a list-nerd is insulting me yet tells me to use a command that doesn't even give appropriate info (dpkg --get-selections).
2. The disarray of configuration files vs centralized system config dir

In RH you have /etc/sysconfig. Almost every single system configuration
file is under here. In Debian, anything goes.

    /etc/default...  But traditionally, yeah, /etc/ is where config files go.
ooohhh really? Keen observation Steve! Thanks for that crumb kind sir. Got any other gems?
3. RPM vs DPKG query subsystem.

No, not yum vs. apt-get or aptitude or aptsomethingelse. To find
information with dpkg seems difficult and unwieldy. Example: Say you
want to find what package a specific file belongs to. With dpkg you
should a dpkg-query -s to search the cache. I don't like that.

    Then learn your commands?
I would say I am pretty handy with the command-line, but then again, top-posters are sub-human dummies.
I just want to know what package a given file on the filesystem belongs
to. rpm -qf $FILE, done. The query system is general in rpm is simple yet

{grey@teleute:~} dpkg -S `which mutt`
mutt: /usr/bin/mutt
{grey@teleute:/lib} dpkg -S libnss_files-2.7.so
libc6-i686: /lib/i686/cmov/libnss_files-2.7.so
libc6-xen: /lib/i686/nosegneg/libnss_files-2.7.so
libc6: /lib/libnss_files-2.7.so
Yes even though it's a different operation it suffices. (well, dpkg-query did).
dpkg-query just doesn't do it for me. And I also don't like how
there are a bunch of dpkg-* files that split up various functions of the
dpkg system.

    You know, I never even heard of dpkg-query until you just brought it up.
I've been using Debian for 10 flippin' years.  For those 10 years I have used
four commands in dpkg.

dpkg -s - show a package's description
dpkg -S - search for a pattern in packages
dpkg -l - list all packages
dpkg -L - list all files in a package

    That is pretty much the extent that I have to know about dpkg without
referring to --help once every, ohhhh, 3-4 years.
Wow Steve 10 whole years! zomg I didn't even know Leenuckz existed in 1999. That's the last millenia!
Before all of Debian users pass a brick, this is mostly preference,
except #1 is pretty hard to deny that RH makes your life a *lot* easier
in that dept.

    Nope, pretty much all preference, and based out of ignorance at that.
If you think writing your own preseed is easier than just consuming a file already written for you with what you chose during an install then you are delusional.

You can have a sane conversation about this vs that without talking to someone like they are mildly retarded.

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