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Re: Why did you chose Debian over CentOS?

Joe McDonagh wrote:
> know better. Also, I was under the (right) impression that dpkg-query -S
> (dpkg -S) is a string search, which is a different operation than rpm
> -qf, though they can yield the same results.

    Not that it makes a practical difference.

> Unless the debian-list rules state top posting is 'illegal' then I will
> continue to top post. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but if you
> want to insult me, do it with a little more spice than calling me stupid
> in a roundabout way.

    Might want to check the list archives on that before going too much
further.  Given the relatively hands-off approach the mods take with D-U a lot
of D-U runs on convention.  Run afoul of that at your own peril.

> dpkg --get-selections actually I had never heard of til now. I ran it
> and it told me NOTHING. What packages are installed woo. I looked at the
> man page and that's apparently its function. If you think that's all
> kickstart does then obviously, I am not the ignorant one.

    Nope, just don't see the need for kickstart when other methods suffice.
BTW, you missed the point where --set-selections is the reverse of
--get-selections.  Thanks.

> Tell me, where in a preseed do you set up LVM over RAID through d-i? Or
> how about you recall for me how recent the addition of automatic raid is
> to partman-auto?

    Ask me if it really matters to me when we've been going off disc-images
for about as many years.  Any case where disc images don't work kickstart
would not either.  Actually, I take that back, disc images work in places were
kickstart cannot.

> RH had been doing this for years, to top it off they
> drop a kickstart file for you under /root. I'm still actually kind of
> appalled that a list-nerd is insulting me yet tells me to use a command
> that doesn't even give appropriate info (dpkg --get-selections).

    Gives you the packages for that particular installation.  Throw it into a
text file, set them on another install with --set-selections and, surprise
there Keanu, the exact same packages are installed!  You may say "whoa" now.

>>> 2. The disarray of configuration files vs centralized system config dir

>>> In RH you have /etc/sysconfig. Almost every single system configuration
>>> file is under here. In Debian, anything goes.

>>     /etc/default...  But traditionally, yeah, /etc/ is where config
>> files go.

> ooohhh  really? Keen observation Steve! Thanks for that crumb kind sir.
> Got any other gems?

    Hey, I'm not the one who lamented configuration files being in /etc of all
places.  Really, they moved some, SOME, locations of /etc into a new directory
for you and this is news?  grep -r, man!  Cripes.



    ooooo, that was hard.



    Yikes, who'da thunk it?  Geez, now that I look at what's in there it has
less than /etc/default.  /etc/ is where the standard configuration goes.
Emphasis on S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D.  /etc/default is where Debian specific defaults
(see what they did there, sparky?) go.

> I would say I am pretty handy with the command-line, but then again,
> top-posters are sub-human dummies.

    And people say top-posters can't learn.  Have a cookie.

> Wow Steve 10 whole years! zomg I didn't even know Leenuckz existed in
> 1999. That's the last millenia!

    Innit!  Of course you took that as epeen waving when it was just pointing
out that clearly it is possible to do without dpkg-query just fine.

> If you think writing your own preseed is easier than just consuming a
> file already written for you with what you chose during an install then
> you are delusional.

    No, I just prefer other methods which are far simpler.  Identical
hardware?  Image.  Disparate hardware?  dpkg --get/--set-selections.  Virtual
hardware?  Image.

> You can have a sane conversation about this vs that without talking to
> someone like they are mildly retarded.

    Sorry, the difference between the mildly retarded and someone who hasn't
figured out the basics is that the mildly retarded may actually be incapable
of learning.  Someone who hasn't learned the basics is just a tool and
deserves the ridicule and mocking because they are clearly capable, just too
damn lazy.

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