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Re: Why did you chose Debian over CentOS?

On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 09:48:27AM -0500, Joe McDonagh wrote:
> At the risk of starting a huge religious war:
> 1. Preseed vs. kickstart
> If you're only running at home or only a few machines at work, you're  
> not going to run into this. Once you're done a RH install a .ks file is  
> dropped under /root. You can now use this file to kickstart identical  
> machines in PXE in a couple of minutes.  There is no such automatic  
> generation in Debian. 

RTFM http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apbs03.html.en

  An alternative method is to do a manual installation and then, after
  rebooting, use the debconf-get-selections from the debconf-utils package
  to dump both the debconf database and the installer's cdebconf database
  to a single file:

  $ debconf-get-selections --installer > file
  $ debconf-get-selections >> file

  However, a file generated in this manner will have some items that
  should not be preseeded, and the example file is a better starting place
  for most users. 

> You have to create the preseed by hand, and  
> testing a preseed file isn't so fun as you need to pretty much reboot ->  
> test over and over after you change stuff.

When I needed to mess with kickstart a while ago I had to spend a number
of troubleshooting cycles just to get the right list of packages to add.
There's a nice place you can list them. But the installer will not
resolve dependencies :-(

Furthermore, I couldn't figure out a way to just ass an extra yum source
and also get packages from there. As a result we had to do that in a
post-install script. At the moment we have a very complex logic in a
post install script.

With preseed I just feed it an extra packages source, the list of
packages I really want, and that's all.

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