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Re: Adding installed packages to menu

On Thursday 05 March 2009 15:40:25 Bret Busby wrote:
> I am hesitant about trying to make changes to this system,
> which includes being wary of upgrading to Debian 5.0, until the ripples
> on the list about Debian 5.0, have settled.

There is no need to change at all if you are not happy to do so.  Etch is now 
Old Stable, but will get security updates for a year or more.

Lenny will not now "settle".  "People" may settle.  I.e. solve their problems, 
put up with their problems or stop trying to use Lenny.  That is their 
decision.  Basically Lenny is now static except for security updates until 
Lenny-and-a-half.  But I personally went straight from Etch to Lenny once I 
judged that testing (as Lenny was then) had settled enough for me.  "People" 
differ.  It is no good waiting for stable to become more stable.  It won't.

If you want to use Etch, but the Lenny version of just one program then look 
at back-ports and see if the program you want is there.

The reason that there is currently a little bit of confusion on websites is 
that the shunt Squeeze -> testing, Lenny -> stable, Etch -> old stable and 
Sarge -> somewhere-off-the-cliff only happened less than 3 weeks ago on 14th 
February.  The websites are being updated in roughly order of importance, and 
populating the various mirrors came first.

If you prefer Ubuntu, then use Ubuntu.  Personally I love Debian and quite 
strongly dislike Ubuntu and its syblings.  <dons flame-proof suit and ducks> 
But there are those who think that using Debian on a desktop is crackers, and 
those who think that using anything other than Ubuntu et al anywhere is daft.

It is up to you.

But there is no point in waiting for Lenny to become more stable.  It won't.


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