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Re: Adding installed packages to menu

>[Lisi] The reason that there is currently a little bit of confusion on
> is that the shunt Squeeze -> testing, Lenny -> stable, Etch -> old
> stable and Sarge -> somewhere-off-the-cliff only happened less than 3
> weeks ago on 14th February.  The websites are being updated in roughly
> order of importance, and populating the various mirrors came first.

To Bret,
Lisi is correct. The website I suggested to you hasn't been updated yet.
However, it is correct information about the progression from
unstable-->testing-->stable even if the codenames are for the previous
releases. Just substitute lenny for etch and squeeze for lenny and etch
for sarge. Bottom line, you could learn the flow and have a better
understanding of the Debian way. Alternately, you could ask specific
questions about anything you don't understand.

>[Lisi] But there is no point in waiting for Lenny to become more stable.
> won't.

To Bret,
+1 to this too. And as I mentioned in another post, if you follow the
release notes it is likely that your upgrade will not encounter problems.
Naturally, it is always advised to backup first. I don't know how you lost
data previously trying to upgrade but it probably didn't have to happen.

I am not trying to convince you to switch from Ubuntu, just making you
aware of the incorrect assumptions you are making and encouraging you to
obtain the correct information about the differences so that you have the
knowledge to make an informed decision. Good luck!

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