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Re: How to change console font?

Hello Kelly,

> As far as I know, any mode other than 80x25 is FB. There are two
> way to display a penguin, one is the kernel option for a boot logo
> (off by default in debian), the other is a boot splash program, such
> as splashy or usplash.

Yeah, but I don't want the penguin anyway. What I want is a usable console.

> All I do to enable higher resolution fb modes is put "vga=791" in the
> kernel boot options and make sure console-setup is installed. I am
> pretty stumped as to why this isn't working for you.

So am I. I found that I didn't have the console-setup installed, I
installed it, and was happy to see after a reboot that midway through
the boot process I got a different video mode. However, after a power
cycle, everything was back at 80x25 again.

Also I think that the fb modes should be available directly from the
start, seeing that fb support is compiled into the kernel.

Is it time to file a bug against the kernel? Remember, with the latest
-k7 version from sarge everything works hitch-free.

Regarding the /dev/fb* nodes: Indeed my machine uses udev, and I
grepped all of /etc/udev/ for strings with "fb", "framebuffer" and
such. Nothing at all. Udev doesn't seem to know about framebuffers.
But I suppose that doesn't matter because the kernel should have fb
support right from the start, when it doesn't even have a filesystem


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