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How to change console font?

Hello folks,

since many kernels ago I've used VGA console fonts that have been more
pleasant than the standard 80x25 screen (mode 775). However, since my
recent upgrade to lenny, this often doesn't work any more. Sometimes I
get the font I want, sometimes I get the 80x25 one, and sometimes I
get asked which mode I want (as if I had given the "vga=ask" boot
option). I don't know why this is so erratic, but my system seems to
slowly settle for the "ask" way of doing things.

Well, I now want this to stop. A font that I really like is the one
Knoppix uses. I think it is a framebuffer mode (it has the pengiun
logo, too, which I don't care much for). How can I activate a mode
like this? I'm running the 2.6.26-1-686 kernel from lenny.

Speaking of kernel: I noticed that in lenny there aren't any -k7
kernels any more (or rather, the package is "for transition only").
Does this mean that the 686 and k7 branches have been merged?


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