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Re: How to change console font?

On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 07:53:54AM EST, Robert Latest wrote:
> Hello folks,
> since many kernels ago I've used VGA console fonts that have been more
> pleasant than the standard 80x25 screen (mode 775). However, since my
> recent upgrade to lenny, this often doesn't work any more. Sometimes I
> get the font I want, sometimes I get the 80x25 one, and sometimes I
> get asked which mode I want (as if I had given the "vga=ask" boot
> option). I don't know why this is so erratic, but my system seems to
> slowly settle for the "ask" way of doing things.

Changing the vga= mode and the console font are two different things:

This should get you up to speed re: the fb console:


As to changing the font, I use:

  $ setfont
.. documented here:

  $ man setfont



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