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Re: Lenny stable. How to find wmsm WindowMaker applet?

On 3/2/09, Chris Burkhardt <chris@> wrote:
> Mark Goldshtein wrote:
>>>> Would you please help me to install that little one? KPackage also
>>>> gave me nothing.
>>> You would first need to convert the RPM package to a deb package using
>>> alien
>>> (see the package named 'alien').
>>> Then you would install the resulting .deb using 'dpkg -i
>>> packagename.deb'.
>> Thanks for the hint!
>> # apt-get install alien
>> Reading package lists... Done
>> Building dependency tree
>> Reading state information... Done
> [... a ton of dependencies ...]
>> And if I trying to install any few packages more from 'suggested'
>> section, that process of never-end dependences have promise to
>> 'convert' my end-user computer into developer station :)
>> I am just trying to install a tiny prog about 20kb in weight :) Do I
>> really need 100+ megs of something I will never use to have it done :)
>> ?
>> Is that possible to do this "convert" operation online?
>> "To build, or do not to build?" :)
> Wow, yeah, it's not worth installing all of that just for this program.
> What you should do is file a Request For Packaging (RFP) bug against the
> wnpp
> package. That way hopefully some developer will take the time to create an
> official Debian package and upload it to the repositories. (See
> http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/)
> But in the mean time I've built you a package (I'm assuming you are using an
> i386 processor): http://mretc.net/~cris/tmp/wmsm_0.2.1-1_i386.deb
> All it installs is the single (12KB) executable to /usr/X11R6/bin/wmsm
> To install it just run, as root, 'dpkg -i wmsm_0.2.1-1_i386.deb'
> Hope that helps!

Thank you!
I will try your build as soon as I will reach my Debian-loaded computer!

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