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Re: Lenny stable. How to find wmsm WindowMaker applet?

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Chris Burkhardt <chris@> wrote:
> Mark Goldshtein wrote:
>> Hello, list!
>> I am running Debian Lenny stable (fresh installed right after release
>> date) and WindowMaker. Here is my sources.list:
>> [...]
>> Looking for WindowMaker applets, I have not found 'wmsm' applet. This
>> is nice 'all in one' information icon with CPU, memory, swap, I/O
>> operations and uptime monitoring. I have used that tiny app for years
>> and was very satisfied. You may take a look on that here:
>> http://dockapps.org/file.php/id/208
>> Would you please help me to find and install one for Debian 5?
> $ apt-cache search wmsm
> wmsmpmon - A CPU monitoring dockapp for SMP systems
> So an 'aptitude install wmsmpmon' as root should get it installed.
> - Chris B

Thanks for replay!

Pardon me, but that not the same applet :)
Still need wmsm.

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