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Re: application like iPhoto on Debian GNU/Linux Etch?

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:58:14PM +0000, kj wrote:
> Paul E Condon wrote:
>> My special problem is a family in which there are people with Mac( and  
>> iPhoto), and Windows, and me (with Debian). I want something that  
>> works reasonably well on all three. And for which moving picture files
>> among the three is trivial. For this, iPhoto is not an answer. Digikam
>> is a candidate, but it is not Mac compatible, SFAIK. But all these  
>> practical restrictions are subject to future developments, so none of
>> these opinions are likely to stand the test of time.
>> Also one family member has only 56kB modem access to the internet, so
>> picture sharing on the internet is not an option (for me). 
> I missed the earlier posts in this thread, so excuse my ignorance.  Are  
> you aiming to share one photo repository between thee machines?  In that  
> case Picasa would really be your only option.  Mixing DAM applications  
> on the same data is really only going to cause trouble.

might be a bit over the top, I use gallery2 its a apache,db solution,
web based works really well for me (~20K photo's)

> --kj
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