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Re: [OT] mailing lists versus usenet / reply to list, reply-to, reply

On 01/06/09 08:09, Steve Lamb wrote:
Steve Lamb wrote:
    I have RTL 0.2.0 on there from a suggestion you made a while back about
0.3.1 not playing nice with IMAP while the older version did.

    Older versions needed either Mnenhy(which you have) or Enigmail(which I
have) to work.  0.3.0 does not need either.  But here's the kick in the nads I
just read on the web page for it.  The preview pane needs to be open and I
turn that idiotic crap off.

    All of this looks confirmed.  I installed 0.2.1, reply-to-list still did
not work, pane open or not.  Installed 0.3.0 and TBird crashes any time I open
up a message.  So I would need 0.2.0 or 0.2.1, neither of which work.

Are you using stock Tbird, or Iceweasel? (I/w has certain patches needed by r-t-l.)

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Jefferson LA  USA

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