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Re: setting a static ip on a dhcp account

On Sun,05.Oct.08, 06:30:14, Jonathan Kaye wrote:

> Yes I've already noticed exactly what you describe in the web interface and
> I am familiar with a MAC address. I'm just wondering if I should leave
> things as they are or configure the modem as discussed.

That's for you to decide ;) As far as I can tell you can forward ports 
to a specific MAC, so it might not matter whether that device always 
gets the same IP.

> Here's the screen shot which looks exactly as you describe it. My machine is
> the .70 one and its MAC address is along side it.

Your initial question was about port forwarding as well. The lower part 
of your screenshot is just for that (other consumer routers call it 
"virtual server" as well):

Nome: choose some name for your port forwarding

Indirizzio MAC: the MAC address where the redirect should go

Indirizzio IP locale: the local IP address of the computer
(it might be that only one is enough, though I'd rather use the MAC) 

Porta locale: the port where your service is running

Porta publica: the port that should be visible on the internet
(usually these don't need to be the same. You could run the ssh server 
on the standard port 22, but redirect it to some other port on the 
outside. This doesn't bring much security, but it might help reduce 
traffic from script-kiddies trying to break in)

Protocollo: the protocoll (usually "tcp" or "udp")

Stato: state? (this is the limit of my Italian)

P.S. Does your modem have Pirelli tires? :)
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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