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Re: setting a static ip on a dhcp account

On Sat,04.Oct.08, 18:38:42, Jonathan Kaye wrote:
> Thanks for the answer. Yes, this modem has an internal address of
> I also notice that I seem to always get the ip
> which doesn't seem to change. My partner, connected to the same modem
> always gets . Since I am very inexperienced using DHCP
> connections I have no idea if this is normal or not or if I can consider
> this my static ip. 

It seems like your modem will always try to use the same IP. Usually you 
can make sure it stays like this via the web interface, so you have to 
look for something where you can specify the IP address allocated to a 
specific MAC address[1].

If you really can't find your way through the web-interface you could 
post some screenshots somewhere on the net, but be careful to obfuscate 
any information you don't want to make public.

[1] Just in case you are not familiar, the MAC address is unique to any 
given network device

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