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setting a static ip on a dhcp account

Hi all (especially Ron Johnson),
        On another thread Ron said, "Yes.  My router gets a routable "external" IP
address from the ISP, but I had to also give it an "internal", non-routable
IP address (which I chose to be

My question is: can you explain the steps needed to do this? I don't know if
it's something I can configure on my machine or if I have to change some
settings on the modem/router.

A supplementary question for any Italian speaker out there.
I moved to Italy about a month ago and I have an Alice 7 Mega account along
with a Telecom Italia Alice wifi-modem. There is zero documentation except
for a stupid CD that only gives information for Windows (and a tiny bit for
Mac) but nothing for Linux. I am learning Italian as fast as I can but I
need some help in configuring the modem for port forwarding. This can be
done off list (unless people feel it would be in the general interest to do
it on list). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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