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Re: Need help installing ndiswrapper

Dennis Wicks wrote:

> I am installing ndiswrapper and can't get it to complete properly.
> In the INSTALL it states:
>      You need a recent kernel, at least 2.6.16, with header files for the
>      kernel. Make sure there is a link to the kernel source from the
>      modules directory. The command
>        ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build
>      should have at least 'include' directory and '.config' file.
> I have kernel 2.6.26 and I have installed both the kernel headers and the
> kernel source but I still don't have the build directory and the required
> directory & file.
> How do I get these setup?
> TIA!!
> Dennis
Hi Dennis,
Please don't "hijack" existing threads. Post your question as a new thread
and this will avoid confusion for all and more relevant answers for you.
Thanks a lot,
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