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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

Paul Johnson wrote:
> So I guess that's why Ubuntu folks are working on Ubuntu instead of
> doing the Right Thing by working on Debian Desktop[1], eh?

    Yeah, because it has nothing to do with wanting to maintain a 6
month release schedule.  Let's see, the first release of Ubuntu was
4.10.  So since 4.10 to 8.04 is, 8 releases in the time Debian has
done... one?

    Besides, this only shows your jealousy.  The whole point of FOSS as
a whole and the DSFG specifically is derivative works.  If you don't
like derivative works you'll be more at home in a non-FOSS environment.
 In short they are doing the right thing.  So sorry you're offended by that.

    BTW, let me know when Debian finally gets MB 4/5 to work out of the
box as forward/back.  Only been a decade since those became standard on
most consumer grade mice.  :P

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