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Re: Blurry fonts in printed invoices

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 22:15:04 +1200, Chris Bannister wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 04:00:09PM +0200, Florian Kulzer wrote:


> > $ for F in Arial Helvetica sans-serif; do fc-match $F; done
> > Arial.ttf: "Arial" "Normal"
> > n019003l.pfb: "Nimbus Sans L" "Regular"
> > Vera.ttf: "Bitstream Vera Sans" "Roman"
> > 
> > These font files come from the packages msttcorefonts, gsfonts-x11, and
> > ttf-bitstream-vera, respectively.


> Mmmm, I have:
> ..
> NimbusSanL-Regu.pfb: "Nimbus Sans L" "Regular"
> ..
> With no gsfonts-x11 installed.

AFAIK, the standard font file for Nimbus Sans L (aka Helvetica) on
Debian is n019003l.pfb. (This file is part of the gsfonts package,
gsfonts-x11 only adds a symlink in /usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1/ and a
fonts.alias file to make sure the Adobe name is also matched.)

You seem to have the same font in another file, maybe user-installed or
a leftover from earlier days. What do you get with

fc-match -v "Nimbus Sans L" | grep file:

dpkg -S NimbusSanL-Regu.pfb


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