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Re: Squirrelmail:115 Can't Open SMTP Stream.

Semih Gokalp escreveu:
Hi all.
I asked this problem to squirrelmail-users mail list but I could not answer about this problem so If it doesn't problem,I want to ask this problem to debian users mail list. I have Debian 4.0 Etch and i use Postfix 2.3.8-2 and Dovecot 1.0.rc15-2etch4 IMAP and POP3 Server that is TLS support.I am using Mysql for Virtual domain and authentication.

But i have error on browser like this:"Operation now in progress
Server replied: 115 Can't open SMTP stream." when i try send email on squirrelmail.I have not a problem(All Authentication and all rules work without any problem) when i use Thunderbird or Evolution. I searched this error on google but i can not find beneficial post or documents about this problem.

If I dont use TLS parameters on Postfix main.cf <http://main.cf>,squirrelmail send email without any problem but If I use TLS or choose "Secure SMTP (TLS) : false" on squirrelmail "Server Setting",squirrelmail dont sent email.

Squirrelmail "Server Setting" configuration like below:

1.  Domain                 : xyz.com <http://xyz.com>
2.  Invert Time            : false
3.  Sendmail or SMTP       : SMTP

SMTP Settings
4.   SMTP Server           : <>
5.   SMTP Port             : 25
6.   POP before SMTP       : false
7.   SMTP Authentication   : login
8.   Secure SMTP (TLS)     : true
9.   Header encryption key :

and output from mail.log with TLS support like below:

Jul 14 11:05:48 debian postfix/smtpd[4403]: connect from localhost[ <>] Jul 14 11:05:48 debian postfix/smtpd[4403]: lost connection after UNKNOWN from localhost[ <>] Jul 14 11:05:48 debian postfix/smtpd[4403]: disconnect from localhost[ <>]

and output from mail.log without TLS support (removed TLS parameters from main.cf <http://main.cf> and choosed "false" on squirrelmail Server Setting-Secure SMTP (TLS) : false):

Jul 14 11:06:46 debian postfix/smtpd[4463]: connect from localhost[ <>] Jul 14 11:06:46 debian postfix/smtpd[4463]: E0ED83781E: client=localhost[ <>], sasl_method=LOGIN, sasl_username=a@xyz.com <mailto:a@xyz.com> Jul 14 11:06:46 debian postfix/cleanup[4467]: E0ED83781E: message-id=<e6ca13963aa61e59633f26690f8c9334.squirrel@mail.xyz.com <mailto:e6ca13963aa61e59633f26690f8c9334.squirrel@mail.xyz.com>> Jul 14 11:06:46 debian postfix/qmgr[4401]: E0ED83781E: from=<a@xyz.com <mailto:a@xyz.com>>, size=726, nrcpt=1 (queue active) Jul 14 11:06:46 debian dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<a@xyz.com <mailto:a@xyz.com>>, method=PLAIN, rip= <>, lip= <>, secured Jul 14 11:06:47 debian postfix/smtpd[4463]: disconnect from localhost[ <>] Jul 14 11:06:47 debian dovecot: IMAP(a@xyz.com <mailto:a@xyz.com>): Disconnected: Logged out

I have only posted about TLS configuration parameters in Postfix main.cf <http://main.cf> like below:


If I disable TLS,I have non-security authentication with email client programs(because auth is plain text) so I dont want to disable TLS.

What should i do for use squirrelmail without TLS problem ?

It could be that the "Secure SMTP (TLS)" setting means trying to use TLS/SSL on connect, that is, just after the connection is opened. This will not work. On port 25, exim uses the STARTTLS convention, in which a normal unencrypted connection is opened and follows the SMTP protocol normally, until the client issues the STARTTLS command. The server sends and "OK" message, and only then the TLS handshake starts.

I don't know how (and if) SquirrelMail can be configured to use STARTTLS. It is possible, however, to configure exim to listen on another port using the TLS-on-connect convention.

However, if SquirrelMail and exim are on the same host, connecting via the loopback interface (which seems to be case, since you specified as the SMTP host), you should not need to worry that the connections are encrypted.

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