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Re: IMAP is teh r0x0rz! [was: Re: getting copies of own posted messages; was: Re: ??: Stunned by aptitude.]

    My apologies to Ron, I slapped reply and not reply-to-all and trim.  :(

Ron Johnson wrote:
> That's qmail's fault, not that of Maildir.

    No, that is a design problem in Maildir.  Granted I wouldn't want my MTAs
using a flat file for all its traffic, it makes no sense there for how short
lived messages should be.  But it exposes the severe flaw that large
directories are next to impossible to deal with easily.

    Right now my trash is 2000 messages at 14Mb.  50,000 messages would be
~350Mb.  Certainly doesn't take me 20 minutes to begin to work with a 350Mb
flat file.  Hell, at work I've opened larger flat files over the network in
shorter time.

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