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Re: DigiVox A/D TV-Tuner issue

Hi Nigel,

I installed kernel 2.6.25 image and headers and recompiled the v4l-dvb package and made other tiny changes. The package v4l-dvb was compiled this time without error (without need to alter some of the source code). The good side is that the tv-tuner is being recognized now and appears in dmesg output (both on USB 1.1 and 2.0), however it still doesn't afford the /dev/video0 file. I think the last remaining issue is that of the firmware. Perhaps the firmware that I've found and downloaded are older than this version of tv-tuner, so I googled and found one called dvb-digivox-02.fw and added to the firmwares folder, but in vain. Linux distros automatically load the firmwares in '/lib/firmware' or '/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware' when an appropriate device is connected, but I don't know if this apply on Debian too. I will try more firmwares for now, and moreover I will make an attempt to extract the needed firmware from Windows drivers.

best Regards.

- Anas

On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 7:23 PM, Nigel Henry <cave.dnb2m97pp@aliceadsl.fr> wrote:
Hi Again Anas. The card isn't going to work on your laptop with only USB1.1
available. The page below gives some info about USB standards.

When I was looking to see the price of these cards in France, the specs on one
site simply mentioned that the card was a USB one, and none specific about
the USB version required, but the MSI site for the DigiVOX A/D 11
specifically mentions that USB2 is required.

According to another page I read, even if your laptop had a USB2 controller,
the 2.6.18 kernel on Etch is not late enough (is missing some of the
necessary drivers/modules), and it was suggested to install the latest kernel
from the backports repo. I only say this because, if your other PC that has
USB2.0 available, and you only have Etch installed with a 2.6.18 kernel, you
will still have problems, unless you install a later kernel. I've found the
page,as below.

I think that you've already been on this page, as you mentioned problems with
mercurial, and installing Linux TV drivers.

All the best.


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