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Re: DigiVox A/D TV-Tuner issue

On Saturday 05 July 2008 10:51, Anas Husseini wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> I probed the module v4l2-common, but with no effect. The /dev/video0 can't
> still be accessible as it seems (even with xawtv, it gave the same error
> message content). Perhaps the problem is a usb-interface problem (even
> though the module uhci-hcd is loaded). The USB ports in this laptop are
> version 1.1 and it may be the cause that the TV-Tuner is not identified as
> a video source. I may try it on another PC having USB 2.0.
> Thanks again.
> - Anas

Hi again Anas. Well I wasn't sure if USB2 devices would work on a mobo that 
only had USB1.1, but looking at the hardware forum at www.linuxquestions.org, 
apparently they do, but obviously not with the USB2 transfer rates.

I also found a bit of info on ohci-hcd, uhci-hcd, and ehci-hcd, which I didn't 
know before. Both ohci-hcd, and uhci-hcd are for USB1.1 controllers on the 
mobo, but I don't know how they differ, and do know that for getting my usb 
midi keyboard working on one of my distros, I had to specifically load 
uhci-hcd. The ehci-hcd appears to be specifically for USB2 controllers, and I 
verified that by looking at lsmod on a new machine that I've just built which 
has USB2, and both ohci-hcd (USB1.1), and ehci-hcd (USB2), are loaded.

Going back to your MSI DigiVox A/D TV card, I found this link on Google, which 
seems to be saying that you need to load some firmware, to get the card 
working. Now I don't know anything about loading firmware, but the link with 
details is below.


Scroll down a bit to where it says:
"Some users will need a firmware file to make their devices work.....", and 
you'll see that the MSI DigiVox A/D needs firmware version2

Scroll down a bit more, and there's a link to where to get the firmware from.

Some of the stuff on the page I've provided the link to above, may not be 
necessary, and it's for using the TV card with Kaffeine, not xawtv, or 
tvtime, but it does appear that you have to load firmware for your TV card.

This may not be much help, but see how you get on with it.

All the best.


btw: If the card is not too expensive, and available in France, I might buy 
one, and give it a try on both a machine that only has USB1.1, and my new 
machine that has USB2.

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