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Re: Stunned by aptitude.

Title: Re: Stunned by aptitude.

Brad Rogers wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 2008 16:52:25 -0400
> "Barclay, Daniel" <daniel@fgm.com> wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
>> What that heck are you talking about?  My message was sent in plain
>> text, not HTML.
> In fact, Daniel, your messages to this list are coming through as
> plain text with an HTML attachment.

Well, that's not what my MUA sent out.  (See my previous message.)

Somebody please send me a copy of one of these messages that you see with HTML
and/or base64 encoding.  (Of course, send it in a way that preserves the headers
and the original raw form of the message.  E.g., forward it as an attachment,
or copy the text of the raw message and paste that into a message.)

(I suspect that this message won't show the base64/HTML, because for some
reason the subject field now doesn't show the two question-mark characters it
was showing earlier in this thread.  If this message doesn't show the
base64/HTML, send me one of the messages that does.)

> It would seem that although "posting in plain text" is ON, "posting in
> HTML" is _not_ OFF in your MUA.

Not from my end.  New messages default to plain text.  Replies default to (or
are) the same as the message to which I'm replying.


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