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答复: Stunned by aptitude.

I don't think so. Obviously, if the network is broken, it absolutely does
not mean that there is NO packages, just aptitude can not know. This gives
it no right to erease all information stored locally.
It is like, if my mobile was broken today, my wife could not contact with
me, so she should think that I DIE? And call the cops, and throw out all my
staff? It is not right, Mr.

发件人: Paul Johnson [mailto:baloo@ursine.ca] 
发送时间: 2008年7月2日 12:46
收件人: debian-user@lists.debian.org
主题: Re: Stunned by aptitude.

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 09:40 +0800, Magicloud wrote:
> Hello,
>          When I used aptitude, I noticed that aptitude does not have 
> an error handling mechanism. When I `aptitude update`, if the network 
> is broken (like dns problem, route problem), it can not connect to the 
> server, so it reports error, and clean up local apt record. If I 
> stupidly `aptitude autoclean` then, all my debs are gone.

It is doing error handling:  If it can't reach that server, there's no point
in considering it a valid source.  If you have no valid sources, there's no
current packages.  It's working as designed.

Paul Johnson

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