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Re: 答复: Stunned by aptitude.

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 14:01 +0800, Magicloud wrote:
> I don't think so. Obviously, if the network is broken, it absolutely does
> not mean that there is NO packages, just aptitude can not know.

That's by far the most round logic I've heard tonight.  If it can't
reach the repository to know about the packages, how in the world do you
expect aptitude to know about the packages?

>  This gives it no right to erease all information stored locally.

It does when you update your package list to contain no packages, then
tell it to autoclean.  This is purely a pilot error.

> It is like, if my mobile was broken today, my wife could not contact with
> me, so she should think that I DIE? And call the cops, and throw out all my
> staff?

This is more like if you broke your phone, then deliberately told your
friend call your wife pretending to be the coroner to let her know you

Paul Johnson

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