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Re: using debootstrap to install Debian

On Fri, 2008-07-04 at 17:56 -0300, Gabriel Parrondo wrote:
> El vie, 04-07-2008 a las 17:24 +0200, Shawn Beasley escribió:
> > michael wrote:
> > > I was following the instructions on, eg Debian_Admin, to attempt an
> > > installation of Debian on a Fedora box (that didn't like the netinst
> > > CD). I have got as far as installing a chroot in /debian_chroot but
> > > cannot work out the final steps needed to be able to boot into the
> > > Debian installation. Could some kind soul help me out? Thanks, M
> > 
> > Boot from UbuntuLive or the like (must have a grub boot loader), mount
> > your hard drive and copy the  initrd.gz  vmlinuz to /root. (found in
> > install.i386)
> > 
> OP is not using/installing ubuntu, he's installing debian and using
> fedora. I don't see where ubuntu fits.
> /vmlinuz and /initrd are links to files in /boot, which are installed by
> the kernel package (actually, the initrd is created, not installed).
> OP:
> You should chroot in /debian_chroot and run 'aptitude install
> linux-image-architecture'.
> If debootstrap didn't already, also install grub (or lilo if you prefer
> it). Edit fstab (don't forget about /proc) and exit the chroot.
> Then, if you have grub in the fedora system, run 'grub-install
> --root-directory=/debian_chroot /dev/device' and
> edit /debian_chroot/boot/grub/device.map if necessary.
> Re-enter the chroot and run update-grub.
> Then make the bios boot from that device, however you do it, and there
> you go.

thanks, that sounds str forward - presumably the 'grub-install' will
write a new MBR so when I reboot the machine it looks in /debian_chroot
(ie I won't see the options from my [Fedora] /boot/grub/menu.lst)? (I'm
wanting to be able to boot into Debian kernel, but if it screws up be
able to go back into Fedora, and then, finally when got a working
Debian, wipe the Fedora and have a Debian (only) system)

many thanks, M

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