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Re: Replace Ubuntu with Debian

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
On 30/04/2008, Damon L. Chesser <damon@damtek.com> wrote:
 Don't forget about the fans!  There is no i8kutils for amd64.  I don't know
if your xps boxes needs the i8kutils to make the fans go around, but my
Vostro sure does.

Hm, my Inspiron's fans seem to working fine. I can see the CPU
temperature is usually around 42C, which I'm guessing is a good
temperature, although it does go as high as 70C when I'm compiling or
number crunching. I think the XPS uses similar chipsets to the

Or did you mean something else?

- Jordi G. H.




I know these are all ubuntu posting, but trust me, debian works the same (as regards to this matter). I don't know if you suffer from the famed Dell Fans syndrome or not, but I know I do with a Vostro 1500 w/intel core2 Duo cpu T5270 @ 1.4GHz. Dell ships these lappies out with i8kutils, or so I would think (I have not purchased a Dell with Linux box, I just installed ubuntu/debian on them). One of you Linux on Dell guys can tell me if they come with i8kutils on them. If they do, that would be your answer on why they ship with i386 and NOT amd64 kernels (among others, of course. AMD64 has progressed far in a year and Dell is not going to ship an "iffy" OS. It has got to work in an expected way).


Damon L. Chesser

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