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Re: problem setting user and group on mounting a cifs share

On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 21:16 +0200, Chris wrote:
> still does not work as expected.  It does copy all the files in the
> source 
> directory tree on running the first time.  When run a second time it
> copies 
> some, but not all files that were archived the first time, although
> these 
> files have not been touched since.  This is a no-go on a
> multi-gigabyte file 
> tree where huge amounts of data are unecessarily transfered.  Sigh.

Are you sure it actually copied the files or did it just try changing
permissions and such? Maybe run it again and look at the actual number
of bytes transferred rather than the number of files it seemed to

How about choosing options explicitly, i.e. don't use -a, so don't set
permissions on files etc. I assume you're mounting M$ W***ws drive on
linux machines so permissions are duff anyway.

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