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Re: Xen in Etch, basic setup

Steve Lamb wrote:
The really funky thing is the last time I set the machine for bridge networking, just a few minutes ago, xenbr1 got eth1's IP and there was a xenbr1:2 which got eth1:1's IP.

I figured with funky results like the one above I should get a tar-ball of the same version form xen.org and toss it over the package just to make sure it isn't something funky in the package. The good news is that the bridges no longer have the IPs from the ethernet devices. The bad news is that there are no bridges, no veth devices, no vif devices, no peth, nothing. No change at all. I made sure the configuration file specified bridging, which it does.

At this point I'm gonna call John Lithgow as he is the only person I know who has any experience with gremlins.

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