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Re: Thank you for keeping stable just the way it is!

On 25 Mar 2008, Owen Townend wrote:
>    [snip]
>      >
>      >  You guys know about reportbug --kudos right? That is a cool way
>      to thank
>      No.  Jeez, Debian just keeps on getting deeper and deeper!  Thanks.
>      man reportbug.
>      Shouldn't somebody report this to the coreutils maintainer so they
>      can
>      implemement it across the board there?  Depending on implementation,
>      it could call reportbug or rpm or emerge ...
>      Every app strives to evolve to the level of sending mail, yes?
>      We could give the spammers a run for their money.
>      blah && blah --kudos
>    seconded, (or thirded)
>    --kudos sounds good, didn't know about it
>      Though for totally non-function related easter eggs my favourite is
>    still `apt-get moo`
>      (and/or the `aptitude [-v] ... moo` chain)
>    cheers,
>    Owen.

Been using Debian for years but I never knew about this. I'll certainly
make use of it in the future.


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