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Re: Thank you for keeping stable just the way it is!


>  You guys know about reportbug --kudos right? That is a cool way to thank

No.  Jeez, Debian just keeps on getting deeper and deeper!  Thanks.
man reportbug.

Shouldn't somebody report this to the coreutils maintainer so they can
implemement it across the board there?  Depending on implementation,
it could call reportbug or rpm or emerge ...

Every app strives to evolve to the level of sending mail, yes?

We could give the spammers a run for their money.

blah && blah --kudos

seconded, (or thirded)

--kudos sounds good, didn't know about it
  Though for totally non-function related easter eggs my favourite is still `apt-get moo`
  (and/or the `aptitude [-v] ... moo` chain)


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